detail of broken pipe

4 Common Signs of Leaky Pipes

The average water bill for those living in Montgomery, AL is around $26 a month. Your bill depends on factors such as how many people live in your home and whether you have any leaks. While visible leaks are easy to spot, hidden leaks can occur in places you normally don’t look at, such as inside the floors and walls. Keep reading to learn more about four common signs of a water leak.

1. Mildew and Mold

You might expect to see some mildew in your bathroom, especially around the shower or tub. One problem with water leaks is that they can lead to mildew forming in other areas. If you see mildew, it’s a sign of a leak. A water leak allows both mildew and mold to thrive, and both problems can affect your breathing. Though Montgomery is fairly humid, it’s easy to reduce indoor humidity with a dehumidifier.

2. Water Stains

Water stains are discolored spots that often appear in areas where water flows. You may see a stain on your ceiling caused by a leaking roof or one on your floor when a pipe leaks. These stains are usually dark brown and worsen with time. Once you see one of these marks forming, you need to act quickly. It indicates that there was a leak you didn’t know about, and now the water is slowly damaging your home.

3. Rusty Pipes

Galvanized steel pipes are common in areas of Montgomery, though some newer homes have copper or cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes. Older pipes lack the protective coating that modern pipes have. Constant exposure to water causes the pipes to wear down and become rusted. You may see dark brown or red flakes in your water and notice a change in the way it tastes. As the problem worsens, the outside of the pipes develops a rusty appearance. Rusty pipes usually leak, too.

4. Rising Water Bills

When your water bill jumps to above the average amount in Montgomery, don’t assume that you simply used too much water in the last month. Even if you look for leaks and find nothing, you may have a hidden leak. Alabama homes often have slab or poured concrete foundations, but some have basements or crawl spaces where leaks can form. With leak detection, you have the chance to find leaks in spots you didn’t check and areas you couldn’t access. This type of service appointment allows the contractor to look all over your home for signs of a leak. It usually takes a few hours to complete.

Looking for signs of a water leak in your Montgomery home helps you cut down on your water bills and repair the broken or damaged pipe as soon as possible. Call us at Alabama Home Pros to find the source of your leak.