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Best Practices for the Life of Your Plumbing

It’s ironic that plumbing causes such vexation to so many homeowners because plumbing works on fairly simple principles and is one of the easier systems to take care of. It’s possible that the reason it causes such trouble is that homeowners simply don’t see most of it. Pipes and valves and connections are often found behind walls or under the floors. This makes them easy to ignore. Yet, there are some best practices that help your plumbing to be as trouble-free and long-lived as it should be.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

You should really avoid using those harsh drain cleaners when it comes to removing clogs in your plumbing. These cleaners will eventually weaken your pipes. Many people around Montgomery have their own septic system, and overusing harsh cleansers can kill the system’s beneficial bacteria. It is always best to use a plunger, a bit of baking soda and vinegar flushed with hot water or even a wet/dry vacuum. In severe cases, you can open up your traps and U-bends, or give us a call.

Fix Leaks Right Away

Even tiny leaks can wreak havoc on the infrastructure of your home. Even if they don’t, a leak can add up to hundreds of extra dollars on your water bill. A small leak can waste as much as eight gallons of water every day, and a running toilet can waste over 20 times that.

Find the Shut-Off Valve

One of the first things to do when moving into a new house is finding out where the shut-off valve is. It is often in the crawlspace, in your yard or even in the sidewalk outside your property. Fixtures also have shut-off valves, but many plumbing jobs require fresh water to be shut off at the source.

Flush the Right Items

The only items that should be flushed down your toilet are bodily wastes and toilet paper. Even items that say they are flushable are not. They need to be tossed in the garbage or your compost pile.

You should also avoid pouring paint, paint thinner, grease, oil, coffee grounds, starchy foods and certain other debris down your kitchen sink, as they’ll clog your pipes. Indeed, many of these items shouldn’t even be put in your garbage disposal unit.

Be Careful Where You Drill

If you are thinking of drilling or hammering holes in your wall, floor or ceiling, be aware that there might be pipes behind it. One way to avoid a mishap is to use a stud finder.

Call Our Plumbers for Service and Advice

Alabama Home Pros is pleased to serve the residents of Montgomery and the communities around it. Our plumbers perform general plumbing services that include water heater and fixture repair, leak detection, drain cleaning and repiping services. We also participate in remodeling, which can involve providing handicap access, inspections and shower tile installation.

For more information about your plumbing, call Alabama Home Pros today.