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Do’s and Dont’s of Holiday Plumbing

Avoid Some Common Holiday Plumbing Issues

During the holidays, you may find that you have more people over to your house than you normally do throughout the rest of the year. While it can be fun to have a house full of guests, it can also be very taxing on your plumbing. In order to keep from having a major plumbing problem, you should utilize the following holiday plumbing dos and don’ts.

Do Have a Plunger Near Each of Your Toilets

With the increase of guests in your household this holiday season, your toilets will get a lot of use. Unfortunately, this may also come with an increase in clogs if your guests use too much toilet paper. That’s why you need to always have a plunger near the toilet.

Don’t Flush Down Anything Besides Toilet Paper

Toilets and septic systems aren’t made to have anything flushed down them besides human waste and toilet paper. Toilet paper is designed to break down in the sewer system. Things like napkins, tissues, and feminine hygiene products can cause a clog. Because of this, you need to ask your guests not to flush any of these types of items down the bathroom facilities.

Do Turn on Cold Water After Putting Food Down the Garbage Disposal

While it can be very convenient to get rid of uneaten food in your garbage disposal, you can actually cause it to back up if you don’t run a bit of cold water down the drain when it is on. This is because hot food can be more difficult for the disposal to grind up.

Don’t Dispose of Grease in the Sink

It’s not uncommon for a lot of individuals to pour grease from their Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham down their garbage disposal. However, this can cause a huge clog because the grease can solidify quickly and make it difficult for water to flow freely through the pipes. You are better off pouring the grease into some sort of container that you can dispose of with your regular trash.

Do Deal With Plumbing Issues Right Away

Before you have your party, you should address any plumbing issues you have. Get things like dripping faucets and constantly running toilets fixed so that they don’t get worse.

Don’t Try to Tackle Big Projects Yourself

While there may be some projects that you think you can tackle on your own, they might not always go as planned. A plumber can handle everything from replacing a washer in a faucet to fixing a leak in your pipes.

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