Close up shot for the clean chrome tap and washbasin in a kitchen

Extend the Life of Your Faucets and Fixtures With Routine Maintenance

Faucets and fixtures do require some maintenance if you want them to keep operating properly and retain their appearance. Some of these maintenance tasks can be done quickly with little effort, but others will require the assistance of a professional plumber and some specialized plumbing tools. Here are some faucet and fixture maintenance tips from the experts at Alabama Home Pros.

Cleaning Your Faucets and Fixtures

Most home faucets and fixtures can be cleaned easily by wiping them with a damp cloth and drying them with a soft cloth to prevent water spots. If it needs a little more attention, a mild soap can be used, but harsh chemical cleaners should not be used if you want them to retain their finish. Some window cleaning products can be used for cleaning faucets and fixtures if necessary, as long as the standard usage directions and warnings on the product don’t recommend against it.

Removing Hard Water Deposits

Some areas of Montgomery, AL have to deal with hard water, which is water with a higher mineral level. These minerals can collect on the insides of your faucets and pipes, hindering their performance until ultimately choking off the water flow completely. Minor deposits can often be removed with a mild cleanser, but more serious cases will require professional plumbing services involving specialized cleaners and tools.

Maintaining the Aerator

The aerator in your faucet is responsible for ensuring a smooth flow of water from the faucet by mixing water and air. Over time, the aerator can get clogged by mineral deposits and other debris, negatively affecting the flow of water. It is recommended that the aerator be cleaned at least once per year by taking out the housing, screen, and washer and scrubbing them with a small cleaning brush or toothbrush. Aerators that are heavily compromised should be replaced.

Making Minor Repairs

From time to time, the faucets and fixtures of your home will require minor repairs to keep them working properly. This generally includes replacing springs and seals, tightening loose components, and installing replacement parts. Many homeowners leave these minor maintenance tasks to a certified plumber to ensure everything is done correctly and complies with local codes.


Proper maintenance of your faucets and fixtures can prolong their lifespan by a considerable amount. Alabama Home Pros can help you with maintaining the faucets and fixtures in your home or troubleshooting any problems you may be experiencing. We are happy to assist you with all of your plumbing needs, so call us today!