How To Save Money And Water With Smart Technology

In the perfect world, all water leaks would be easy to locate. Just follow the puddle of water to the pipe, fixture, or hose that needs to be repaired. But that is not always the case in the real world. Many leaks are concealed inside the walls or floors of a house or even under the slab foundation. And these are the leaks that have the potential to do the most significant amount of damage to homes. Fortunately, technology has made the leak detection process far less invasive than it used to be. Reputable plumbers no longer use large hammers to knock holes in walls and floors, searching for leaks.

Follow That Sound

One of the more common things that lead some homeowners to call a plumber is the faint sound of dripping water. It might only be audible when the house is very quiet. And it is certainly not an encouraging sound to hear. But for most leak detection experts, it is not a dripping sound that they follow. They use sound amplification tools to listen to the sound of moving water inside a pipe or leaking out of a pipe. The tools also help to block out other sounds that can be distracting. And in the hands of a trained pro, sound amplification tools are the best way to locate even the tiniest water leak in or under your home.

What Does Water Sound Like?

Water moving through a pipe makes very little noise. The inside of the pipe is smooth and creates little disruption in the flow of the water. But when there is a crack in the line, the water blasts through it at very high pressure and makes a hissing noise. There is also a very distinct sound if the water falls on concrete, wood, or another solid material and makes even a faint splashing sound. What might sound like nothing to the average person can be very informative and helpful to a trained leak detection specialist.

What About Leaks Under My Slab Foundation?

If your home is built on a slab foundation rather than a basement, water leaks can be more challenging to locate and repair. But a ground sensor can be used to hear water leaking from as far away as ten feet. And when the leak is under the concrete, the hard surface helps the sound resonate more clearly, making it easier to track and locate precisely. Once our pros know the leak’s location, there are several possible ways to access it, even under the concrete foundation.

Why Go With The Pro?

Leak detection requires many hours of hands-on experience to master. And unless your plumber has the latest tools and training, the process is going to be more costly and invasive than you expect. Some companies still use the old-school methods of opening up floors and walls in search of dripping water. But when you call (334) 206-8878, you know that you are dealing with only professionals. At Alabama Home Pros, our licensed plumbers have years of training, education, and apprenticeship time under their belts to ensure that you are getting the highest quality plumbing work in the industry.

In addition to excellent plumbing work, we pledge to provide you with the best customer service experience possible. We know that having an issue with your home’s plumbing is stressful. And we are here to locate the problem and provide you with as many cost-effective solutions as possible. And once the job is completed, all of our work is backed by a complete parts and labor warranty.