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How Tree Roots Damage Your Plumbing Pipes

The water line leading to your home is an essential component of your residential plumbing system. Without these pipes, you won’t get fresh water from your municipal water supply. Although these pipes are built to last for decades, older lines are prone to loose joints and tiny cracks that allow tree roots to infiltrate pipe interiors.

How Tree Roots Damage Outdoor Water Supply Pipes

Trees need water to live, so they naturally seek it. The larger roots near the tree base aren’t the culprits — it’s the smaller, branching ones. When cracks in pipes or loose joints occur, roots grow toward the area and seek a way inside. Once inside, they can grow more quickly, causing blockages and even collapsed pipes when the problem is severe.

Signs Your Water Lines Have Tree Roots

Generally, tree roots grow slowly, so the problem can creep up on you. If you notice a gradual decrease in water pressure and sinkholes, or if you see water pooling in areas on your property where it hasn’t done so previously, you may have a tree root problem. If you notice these issues on your Montgomery, AL property, you should contact Alabama Home Pros so that our professionals can diagnose and pinpoint the problem.

How We Diagnose Root Problems in Water Pipes

Pinpointing where the problem lies is relatively easy. Our professionals use a special camera inspection system to examine pipe interiors to determine if tree roots or another issue is causing the problem. Video inspection allows us to pinpoint the exact location and its severity, leading to a plan for action that will give you water supply pipes that operate as they should.

Remedies for Tree Roots in Water Supply Pipes

What course of action we take for tree root infestation depends on how severe the problem is and the age and condition of your pipes. For minor situations, hydro jetting or a similar solution, plus repair and sealing of the affected lines, can adequately solve the problem. However, if tree roots have invaded supply pipes to such an extent that they severely impede water flow and have caused significant cracks in the lines, they’ll require replacement.

Water Supply Line Repiping

Thanks to video inspection, we can accurately pinpoint where the repiping work should occur. We perform water supply repiping via a trenchless repair method that results in little disruption to your life and property. Depending on the age and condition of your supply pipe, we may recommend repiping only the affected section or a total replacement to ensure that your supply pipes don’t burst or cause similar issues.

Montgomery is filled with maple, box elder, birch, and many other native trees that can add shade and curb appeal to your property. Unfortunately, these same trees can cause major issues for your home’s plumbing system. If you suspect that roots have infiltrated your pipes, contact Alabama Home Pros for a plumbing inspection.