Is That Small Bathroom Water Leak A Serious Issue?

The short answer to this simple question is that all water leaks should be taken very seriously. Even a tiny leak can result in significant water damage, toxic mold growth, and the infestation of bugs and rodents. And depending on the location of the leak, it could even result in contamination of your home’s water supply. So never take a dripping faucet or that off dripping noise for granted and think it is not worth the time, effort, and money to locate and repair.

What Could Be Dripping?

If you have ever lay in bed at night only to discover that you hear water dripping, you might know how costly a small water leak can become. You were sure it was only water dripping from the showerhead after you bathed. And by morning, you completely forgot about the sound. But what if it was not the shower dripping safely into the tub? Some of the most common and potentially costly bathroom water leaks include:

  • Leaks in the sink, tub, and shower supply lines located inside the walls
  • A leak at a faucet handle that is dripping into the cabinetry
  • A leak in the sink drain trap that is leaking and contaminating your vanity storage space and floor
  • A crack in the toilet bowl or holding tank that is dripping onto the floor

All of these leaks hold the potential to create tens of thousands of dollars in water damage. And any leaks related to the toilet can also introduce contamination that could require professional cleaning services.

Other Indications Of A Water leak

So you get up in the morning and have completely forgotten about that dripping sound that lulled you to sleep. But there could be other signs that should be alerting you to that costly water leak. Moisture on the floor is always a good indication that there is an issue somewhere close by. Again, you could overlook it, thinking the dog was drinking out of the toilet again but is that really likely?

When you walk into the bathroom, does it feel like a sauna and smell more musty than you ever noticed before? These are not signs that you forgot to turn on the exhaust fan last night. That shower moisture would certainly be gone after several hours. Instead, you are most likely noticing the odor of mildew growing in that cabinet that is getting ever wetter thanks to the water leak at the sink.

Finally, when you are rehanging the towel on the rack next to the vanity, do you see any bubbling drywall and peeling paint? These are not only signs that you might need to be remodeling your bathroom. They are also telling you that a water leak in the wall has soaked through the drywall and is likely to be fostering some severe mold contamination quite soon.

Time To Take Action

Of course, you will wish you had taken action that first night when you heard the water dripping. But after noticing several indications of a water leak in the bathroom, you are finally ready to see that there is a problem. Calling a licensed plumber is the only way to know the extent of the damage.

Call (334) 206-8878 immediately to schedule an appointment with the licensed plumbers at Royal Plumbing Services. Our experts will use the latest technology to pinpoint any leaks and provide you with as many cost-effective repair options as possible. In addition, we will let you know the conditions inside your walls and recommend that professional mold remediation is necessary to eliminate any potential health and safety issues related to mold and mildew contamination.