Is There Really A Toilet Paper Alternative?

When many are trying to embrace the idea that less is more, being wasteful feels much more harmful than it has in recent years. It is no longer a sign of affluence but more an indication of a lack of concern for the planet. Even the recent shortages in the store have reminded us that we need to appreciate what we have and its service. One of the most alarming shortages created a new appreciation for toilet paper. And many have begun to wonder if any alternatives can take the place of this one-time-use paper product.

What Is Flushable

First, let’s consider the disposal method. Flushing toilet paper is viewed across the country as the most hygienic and straightforward way to dispose of TP. But what many homeowners forget is that there is no flushable substitute for this lightweight wonder. No other paper product will disintegrate in water like toilet paper. So when you replace TP with a paper towel, tissue, or moist wipe, be prepared for some costly plumbing issues.

Why Other Paper Is On The No-Flush List

Toilet paper is a unique product that provides a level of durability and function when dry. But as soon as it is submerged in water, the fibers appear to melt. It takes only seconds for the paper to begin to break down. And that characteristic is what keeps the TP from turning into a nasty clump that gets stuck in the drain lines of your home.

But The Label Says Flushable

When you are facing a flood of raw sewage in your home, the last thing you have time for is a debate over the truth or lack of truth in advertising. Many items in this world are flushable, as proven by the small toys, socks, mittens, and bad report cards that licensed plumbers have retrieved from clogged toilet drains across the country. However, being able to fit down the drain or partway down the drain does not really mean the item is flushable.

In the case of “flushable” moist wipes, they do flush. But they take exponentially longer to break down and wash entirely out of your home’s drains and sewer line. And while they are hanging around in those pipes, they are snagging more waste and debris that will eventually create a nasty clog. So the best choice is to forego moist wipes if at all possible.

What If You Can’t Do Back To TP?

If you are not willing to eliminate the use of moist wipes, there are a few ways to minimize the potential for a costly flood of sewage in your home. The first rule is one wipe per flush. Never flush more than one wipe at a time. It is a sure recipe for disaster. Second, commit to scheduling regular drain cleanings to ensure that any blockages in your drain lines are completely removed with a high-pressure water jet. This cleaning process will also remove the sticky residue in the drain lines to prevent other wipes from getting stuck in the pipes.

Another Solution

If you are not satisfied with the capability of your TP, consider a bidet. This is an option that poses no threat to your home’s drains but will provide the cleaning capabilities you are seeking. Call (334) 206-8878 to speak to the team at Alabama Home Pros for a complete price quote for a bidet installation. And if you are concerned about the potential for a flood in your home because of moist wipe use, our experts will eliminate your worries and drain blockages with a safe and affordable professional drain cleaning.