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Tips for Summertime Home Sealing and Insulation

Insulating your home is one of the best ways to help keep it cool during the summer. To properly seal your home, you can install window films, seals, caulks, and insulation in the attic and walls.

Weatherstripping, Sealing, and Caulking Around Windows and Doors

Caulk and weatherstripping are materials used to seal gaps and cracks in windows and doors to reduce air leakage. Caulk is a type of sealant that is used to fill significant gaps. Weatherstripping is a flexible material that lines the edges of doors and windows to block air from passing through.

The best way to stop air leaks is to caulk and close windows, doors, and vents. Installing door sweeps and draft stoppers is an excellent way to keep air from escaping during the summer. Sealing air leaks is important if you want to ensure your house maintains its temperature.

Plug Gaps in the Basement

For your home to stay cool in the summer, you can seal any gaps in the basement. Your home will retain its temperature throughout the summer. Spray foam around the larger gaps in the basement walls where ducts and utility lines enter and leave the structure.

Use Attic Insulation

A properly insulated attic should have high-quality insulation. You can hang thermal drapes or shades to add insulation and stop drafts. You can also install ceiling fans or gable vents to improve ventilation and reduce the likelihood of moisture. Spending time in a well-insulated home will be more comfortable and relaxing. A well-insulated attic can also act as a waterproof barrier, improving the comfort of the house in the summer and the winter.

Install Wall Panels and Sleeves

Insulated wall panels are made to be easily installed onto preexisting walls to serve as an additional thermal barrier. You can also use insulated wall sleeves. These are typically constructed of foam and are cut to fit between the studs in an existing wall to increase insulation. Installing exterior insulating sheathing also improves the insulation of your walls. The layer of material placed on the exterior of your property improves its ability to maintain the cool air of your home during the summer months.

Put Films on Windows

Window films are versatile and inexpensive methods if you want to maintain the cool air inside your home. Window films can be reflective to reduce glare and heat entering the building, or they can retain heat instead.

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Insulating your home is essential if you need to maintain cool temperatures during summer. Using the suggestions above, you can enhance the insulation in your home and have a comfortable environment. Your home will benefit from the high-quality insulation.

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