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Top Five Plumbing Trends Emerging in 2023

There are constantly new developments across all industries, and plumbing is no exception. Here are five plumbing trends you’ll see emerging among homeowners in 2023.

1. Clients Using Mobile Apps to Book Plumbing Services

In 2022, approximately a third of those using smartphones made a purchase using a mobile app or website. As smartphones continue becoming more feature rich, more clients will rely on them for e-commerce. Plumbing companies that have either a website constructed using responsive web design or an app are going to attract more customers in 2023.

2. Clients Desiring Easy Online Payment Options

When clients book plumbing services, they prefer to enter into a business relationship with plumbers who provide easy payment options. Most clients do not want to pay using checks or cash. Digital payments, such as Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal, are the way to go. According to the latest research, 74% prefer to use digital payment options. This number is expected to rise in 2023.

3. Customers Paying Careful Attention to Reviews

Having a good online reputation for a business is more important now than ever because more clients are preferring e-commerce over doing business traditionally. Because of this, online reviews are just as important as referrals that are made via word of mouth. Plumbers are now doing everything within their power to maintain high ratings and continue to receive good reviews. Companies that maintain a rating that is four stars or higher have a greater chance of attracting and keeping loyal customers.

4. Clients Increasingly Preferring to Use Remote Communication

As the desire to do business online increases, the same is true for preferring remote communication such as chatting and texting. The most recent research states that 79% of customers prefer to use live chat or text because these methods of communication allow customers to receive an immediate response, and this number is expected to increase in 2023.

5. Customers Working With Companies Using Technical Advancements

Customers today favor plumbing companies that rely on the most up-to-date technology to get work done. Plumbers who advertise that they use technology, such as advanced leak detection tools and cameras to perform sewer line inspections, have a better chance of attracting and maintaining customers.

Customers strongly desire to work with plumbers who are innovative and keep up with the times. If you need a dependable plumber who keeps up with modern trends to inspect your plumbing, provide leak detection, and fix problems when they arise, contact Alabama Home Pros, one of the best in Montgomery, AL.