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Top Signs Your Water Heater Needs a Replacement

It can be easy to take hot water for granted until it’s no longer available or easy to access. Maintaining your water heater is crucial to ensure you know when it’s ready to be replaced before any issues develop. As a homeowner in Montgomery, Alabama, there are a few main signs your water heater needs a replacement.

Old Age

Although your water heater may not be developing any issues, it can still be close to the end of its lifespan. In Montgomery, most residential properties are known to have older water heater tanks due to the old age of the homes. It’s important to know the age of the water heater to determine if it’s time to plan to install a new appliance. Most water heaters last an average of eight to 12 years before they’re no longer reliable. The design of the unit, where they’re located, and the maintenance performed will influence how long it lasts.


Water heaters that develop leaks are no longer working correctly and can lead to you needing significant repairs. You may start to discover puddles of water at the base of the water heater. Older water heaters tend to develop fractures that allow water to slowly seep out. It’s important to immediately call a professional company like Alabama Home Pros, which serves residents in Montgomery. The puddles indicate the unit is at risk of bursting at any time.

The Hot Water Runs Out

The hot water you use while washing your hands or taking a shower can start to run out, which can make it difficult to perform different tasks in your home. Old water heaters are prone to developing a lot of sediment, which can make it more challenging to heat the water in the tank. You may even want to switch to a tankless water heater if you’re interested in having an endless supply of warm water to use.

Rust in the Water

Another sign that your water heater isn’t reliable is if you notice rust in your tap water. Corrosion begins to develop after several years due to the combination of water and metal having contact with one another. You can always consider installing a new zinc anode rod, but it can be more cost-effective and convenient to replace the entire unit.

Unusual Noises

You may be startled by strange sounds your water tank makes as sediment accumulates at the top of the unit. The sediment becomes solid as the water tank starts to heat up, which can cause a lot of noise as the appliance is in use.

Feel free to contact our team today to learn when it’s time to replace your water heater. We can provide you with an inspection and can expertly install a new water heater.