What Causes Water Leaks?

Every homeowner in Montgomery depends on their home’s water lines multiple times a day. Because turning on a faucet is so effortless and straightforward, we fail to recognize how many times we use water for cooking, cleaning, and bathing each day. However, you quickly begin to think more about your home’s water lines after you experience a costly water leak or influx of mold and mildew due to a leak. And the question that continues to bother you is what is causing these leaks all of the sudden. Knowing the common causes of water leaks will help you understand and prevent these costly and annoying issues.

Poor Installation

If you have a newer home developing water leaks, the common cause is poor installation. It could be that the joints were not joined correctly or that the pipe was not mounted securely. Waterhammer, the force exerted when water flows through pipes and stops flowing, can cause the pipes to move and damage the connections. Soon you will be finding water dripping from the elbows and couplers in your water lines.

Tree Root Invasions

If the leaks are in the water lines running throughout your yard, the issue could be aggressive tree roots growing around and crushing the pipes. As soon as the root exerts enough pressure to crack the line and create a tiny leak, the root grows more rapidly thanks to the constant water supply.

Old Hoses On Appliances

Many appliances in your home use water and have a flexible or rubber hose that attaches to a valve or spigot. Unfortunately, the hoses on dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerator water dispensers are not as durable as you might expect or hope. The hoses appear to be in perfect condition until you move the appliance for cleaning or an inspection. Unfortunately, that slight movement causes the hose to crack or split, resulting in a water leak.

Pipe Corrosion

All water contains some minerals that promote corrosion and rust inside water lines. You might not see any signs of the issue on the outside of the pipe. But the decay will cause the pipe to deteriorate from the inside out. If repaired quickly, the damage will be minimal. However, if ignored, the corrosion will only increase, as will the leak and costly water damage.

Excessive Water Pressure

Most homeowners would never dream of complaining about too much water pressure. Usually, the issue is not enough water pressure. But what they do not know is that too much water pressure is damaging to water lines, fixtures, and the connections between pipes. This unnecessary stress can create cracks in the pipes and fittings and wear out the walls of the pipe prematurely. Therefore, if your home’s water pressure exceeds 60 psi, a pressure regulator is a wise investment to prolong the life of your plumbing system.

If you are battling water leaks in your home, or have noticed any of these common causes of water leaks, call (334) 206-8878. The Alabama Home Pros experts will locate and repair any leaks quickly and cost-effectively.