3 Ways You Can Save Money by Fixing Your Water Heater

Water heater repairs can be expensive and inconvenient, which is why it can be tempting to put them off until a “real” emergency. However, you should address any changes in your water heater’s performance immediately, or else they might turn into very expensive repair jobs later on. Here are three ways that regular water heater repair and maintenance can save you money in the long run.

1. Helps You Prolong the Lifetime of Your Unit

On average, a water heater is expected to last eight to 12 years until it needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, your particular unit may last much less if you neglect to address any early problems. Depending on the brand, a new water heater might cost you several thousand dollars. In comparison, a repair bill of a few hundred is a lot easier to manage. Even if your water heater failure doesn’t require replacing the entire unit, you can still save money by repairing small, early issues before they evolve into costly damage later on.

2. Allows Unit to Run More Efficiently

Sediment buildup is one of the most common problems in household water heaters. It starts with minerals from the water that’s supplied to your home, which can leave behind a residue inside your water heater. Over time, the minerals will build up and crystallize inside the unit itself. Eventually, the crystallized sediment can impact your unit’s performance, causing it to require more energy to heat a smaller amount of water. The best way to prevent sediment buildup is to have your unit serviced regularly. This ensures your water heater continues to run efficiently so you can continue to enjoy hot water without an unnecessarily high energy bill.

3. Keeps Your Warranty Valid

One unexpected benefit of routine repairs and maintenance is that it keeps your water heater under warranty. Many manufacturers will require a record that the water heater was maintained on schedule before they process a warranty claim. You may think you’re saving money by skipping your unit’s annual maintenance checkup, but you could potentially end up paying out of pocket for a repair job that otherwise would have been covered. To avoid this, be sure to work with a professional plumber and follow your manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. That way, you do have the proof of regular maintenance in case disaster strikes.

Work With a Licensed Professional

It’s important to keep your water heater in working order to save more money in the long run. With the help of a trained expert, your system will run more efficiently and ultimately help you avoid costly repairs. For all your HVAC, plumbing, and water heater repair needs, contact Alabama Home Pros in Montgomery, AL for friendly and knowledgeable service.