Once You’ve Cleaned Up a Drain Emergency, Take Preventative Action

A clogged and backed-up toilet takes quick action. A slow-draining sink may require a different approach. If your shower doesn’t drain, determining what’s causing the problem is a key first step. No matter the source of your drain emergency, a rapid response can save you a great deal of mess.

Stop Adding Water

Washing machine drains that don’t function well can lead to dramatic drain emergencies. The first step is to turn off the washing machine. This may be done by opening the lid or by flipping the breaker to the laundry room. Once the water stops flowing, you will have to determine whether no water is draining or whether the drain is moving slowly.

It’s never a good idea to reach down bare-handed into any drain. If you let the drain sit for an hour and the water goes down, you may be able to see if there’s debris in the line. You may even be able to finish that load of laundry. You will want to call in a professional to check and clear the line.

Get Things Moving

If your toilet is threatening to overflow, it likely will stop before water pours over the side. The next step will not be pretty, but you’re going to need to plunge the toilet to clear the first clog or blockage.

Often, sewer lines fail slowly. A one-time plunging situation may not be an indication of trouble, but if you need to plunge more than once a week, there’s a chance that your sewer line is either blocked further down or compromised in some other way.

Tree roots can grow into old clay pipes. Toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, and personal cleaning wipes can get caught on these spidery roots and lead to serious blockages. Getting your drain snaked may help you get rid of the blockage, but you may need to treat, reline, or ultimately replace your sewer line.

Act On Slow Drains

If you notice that your shower drain or your kitchen sink draining slowly, there are simple preventative steps you can take to prevent a drain emergency. Check your shower drain for hair before your next bath. Wet hair will cling to the side of the pipe and be tough to remove, but if you can let it dry out, it may be easier to pull out.

If you have a garbage disposal, run a sink of hot water loaded with a degreasing soap down the drain. Grease builds up over time and forms a solid plug that can be quite problematic. Hot water and a degreaser can loosen grease, allowing the garbage disposal to grind it small and send it down the drain.

While there are some steps you can take to address drain emergencies, it’s typically best to reach out for professional help. If you’re in Montgomery, AL and dealing with drain issues, contact the professionals at Alabama Home Pros for drain cleaning and save your home from the mess of a drain emergency.