Electric water heater

How to Maintain and Operate Your Water Heater Safely

Your hot water tank lets you avoid unwanted cold showers and cold baths and makes sure your dishes, laundry, and other items are clean as can be. These are enough reasons to make sure that the water heater is always in good order. Another, even more important reason is that a neglected water heater can be dangerous. In other words, it can rupture or even blow up if it’s not cared for. Here are some practices to consider.

Drain the Heater Every Year

Draining your water heater at least once a year keeps rust and limescale from settling on and corroding its internal components. Rust and limescale can cause the heater to simply fail as it works harder and harder to get your water up to the right temperature. Draining the heater is simple. A plumber turns the heater off at the circuit box and lets the water inside cool down. They will then turn off the freshwater valve. When the tank is cool, they’ll open the drain and let the old water flow into a bucket. The plumber discards the water, shuts the drain valve, opens up the freshwater valve, and turns the heater back on.

Check the Temperature, Pressure, and Relief Valve

This valve, also called the TPR valve, keeps the tank from exploding. Like draining the tank, checking the TPR valve is simple and easy. The plumber opens the lever and checks to see if water flows into the discharge. If it doesn’t, the TPR valve is faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced immediately.

Keep the Temperature at 120 Degrees Fahrenheit

The water heater’s temperature should be kept at around 120 degrees F. The reason is that this temperature kills pathogens and prevents scalding. Scalding is especially risky for younger children, as their skin is more delicate than the skin of an adult.

Make Sure the Area Is Tidy

The area around your water heater needs to be free of any debris, particularly if it’s flammable and especially if the heater has a pilot light. The pilot light also needs to be turned off if you’re going to use anything flammable near your water heater. A professional can install a gas shutoff valve that automatically turns off the heater’s gas if the flow increases suddenly and dramatically or if the heater is jostled for any reason.

Get in Touch With Our Professionals for More Safety Tips

A water heater is indispensable in a modern home, but it needs to be maintained to remain safe and to work properly throughout its life span. To learn more about water heater safety or to arrange water heater repair in Montgomery, AL, get in touch with our professionals at Alabama Home Pros today.