Are These Plumbing Issues Just Annoying Or Could They Be Serious And Costly Problems?

Every house has its share of little idiosyncrasies or quirks that you discover over time. But homeowners need to understand that while a sticking window or a squeaking floorboard is annoying, chances are there is no more to it. You can invest the time to fix the minor annoyance or learn to live with it. But the same is not true for all minor issues around your home. Those small inconveniences with your plumbing fixtures and pipes are signs that a more significant problem could be brewing in many cases. Do you know which of the following plumbing peculiarities are indications of a catastrophe and which are no big deal?

A Gurgling Sink Drain

If you discover a sink drain making an odd gurgling sound, the culprit is usually a clog. If the clog is close enough for you to hear the gurgling, a plunger will often do the trick. But if that does not solve the problem, it is time to call in a licensed plumber. Never try to clear a clog with chemical drain cleaners. They often do more harm than good, all while filling your home with caustic fumes. Professional drain cleanings use only high-pressure water to blast away clogs and remove the nasty residue from inside the pipes.

A Smelly Drain

If the drain in question is rarely used, the problem could be as simple as the P-trap being dry. This is the U-shaped pipe under the sink that holds a small amount of water. The purpose is to act as a barrier between your home and the sewer lines. The methane gas from the sewers will flow up the drain lines toward your home. But the water in the P-trap stops the odor from escaping the drain pipe. Pour a quart of water down the sine to refill the trap and air out the room. You can add a cup of vinegar to the water you pour down the drain to remove harsh odors. If the smell persists, call in the pros to determine if there is a more severe problem to be addressed.

Dripping Faucet

Leaking faucets are usually due to a worn-out seal or O-ring that you can replace for about a buck. But the more serious concern is the waste of water that is occurring. A faucet that drips once every 10 seconds will waste a few gallons of water each day. And while that does not sound like a big deal, the total will be around a thousand gallons each year. It is a waste of a limited natural resource and the money that you are spending on it. Both are just running down the drain. So it is worth the time to make the repair.

The more serious scenario is a leak in the faucet rather than a drip. If the faucet or piping is cracked, the leak will continue to grow until it turns into a significant flood. Then you will be paying for a faucet replacement or pipe repair and water damage restoration. The first rule to remember is that water leaks never stay the same; they always increase. And the second rule to recall is that it is almost always cheaper to fix a small leak or problem than a larger one.

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