Plumber fixing a hot-water heater

Facts About Plumbers You Didn’t Know

When your toilet backs up on in the middle of the weekend or you have a leaky sink, you know that plumbers can help you. Thanks to 24/7 care, they can handle emergency problems that occur with little to no warning. Before you hire a plumber for your next Alabama job, check out some fun facts about these professionals.

Famous Plumbers

The next time you hire a Montgomery plumber, remember their name because they might become famous one day. Joe Cocker was just a singer with a dream in the 1960s. While working on becoming a successful artist, he worked as a plumber during the day. Many people know Michael Flatley as the Lord of the Dance, but he also enjoyed plumbing so much that he opened his own company called Dynasty Plumbing. You might know Bob Hoskins for his role in Super Mario Bros., but before he was an actor, he made his living as a plumber.

Thomas Crapper Was a Real Person

Have you ever heard someone call a toilet a crapper and wondered about the name? Though it may seem hard to believe, Thomas Crapper was a real person. He was one of the first people to jump on the indoor plumbing bandwagon and helped popularize it.

Do you wonder why some people call toilets johns? You can look to John Harrington. Harrington was an inventor in the 1590s who came up with the idea of a flushing toilet.

How to Become One

Plumbers are in demand today and likely will be well into the future. As long as people have plumbing, the world will need plumbers. Becoming one isn’t as easy as you might think and can take quite a lot of time.

You need either a GED or a high school diploma to sign up as a plumbing apprentice. Apprentices in Alabama spend a minimum of two years working with a licensed plumber before they can take the licensing exam. You need to pay to take this test and receive a passing grade to work as a licensed plumber in Alabama.

Types of Plumbers

Not all of the plumbers in Montgomery handle the same types of jobs. There are commercial plumbers who only work on commercial properties and residential plumbers who work in homes. A water supply plumber helps with issues that relate to a person’s water supply, while a sanitary plumber focuses on issues that relate to health and safety.

At Alabama Home Pros, you get the type of plumber you need for the job you have. You might look for someone who can help you find leaks hidden around your house or a drain cleaning pro to deal with clogged drains. Whether you live near Hope Hull or closer to the Montgomery Zoo, our team is available to assist you. Call Alabama Home Pros today for any plumbing help you need in Montgomery.