Why Are There Black Specks In My Water?

Living in the United States, most homeowners turn on a water faucet and assume that the water filling their glass will be safe to drink. Clean, pure water is expected. But that is not the case for the entire world or even every household in the US. And when you see dark flecks or particulates in your Montgomery home’s water, there is good reason to be concerned. Some people will think that these particles are sure to be deadly, while others will look the other way and ignore them. But the fact remains, there should not be anything floating in your water. And if there is, it is time to call in a professional to determine what is causing the problem and if it represents a health risk.

What Causes Particulate Contamination In Your Home’s Water?

Many things inside your home and even outside of it can cause alarming contaminants in your drinking water. And while some could be determined on your own, it is best to call in a licensed plumber for a full inspection of your home’s plumbing system. This is the most reliable way to know if the issue is your responsibility or if the city water is contaminated. If the issue is originating in your home, it will likely be due to one of the following three problems.

  1. Corroded Water Lines- Old metal water pipes do eventually wear out. And when that happens, the corrosion begins to eat away at the inside wall of the pipe. The once smooth piece of metal is now flacking away and contaminating your water supply. Knowing the type of piping, the pipe’s age and your water’s corrosive properties will all help determine if this is the culprit. But because you have no way of seeing inside your water lines, the assistance of a licensed plumber is required to be sure that old water lines are the issue. If corrosion has begun to destroy your water lines, a whole-house repiping is the only safe and complete solution. It will eliminate the potentially hazardous metal flakes from your water and the potential water leaks that will certainly develop in the future.
  2. Corroded Or Contaminated Water Heater- If the flakes are only present in your hot water, the issue almost certainly lies inside your water heater’s holding tank. The tank has a very thin glass lining that will eventually wear away. That leaves the metal tank exposed to the corrosive water. And over time, it will break down much like old metal water pipes. If you have not been draining and flushing your water heater each year, this problem could appear long before the 10 – 12 year maximum life expectancy arrives. A professional tank cleaning could remove the particulates for a time. But if the tank has not been properly maintained, the remaining life will be short. Proper flushing each year is essential to a long water heater life and no nasty particles in your home’s hot water.
  3. Deteriorating Parts- Rubber hoses, flexible water supply lines, and rubber gaskets or O-rings can all begin to deteriorate. And the result is often black flecks in your water. These specks will feel softer than metal flakes when you grasp them between your fingertips. Replacing old hoses and fittings can eliminate the particles in your water and ensure that there will be no future leaks from these deteriorating items.

Call (334) 206-8878 when you discover any contamination in your water. A licensed plumber from Alabama Home Pros will arrive quickly to determine what is contaminating your water and how to correct the problem.