The Benefits Of Point Of Use Water Heaters

When you think about a new water heater for your Montgomery  home,  it can be tempting to simply replace the old unit with one identical or close to it. In most cases, you have lived with that water heater for about a decade and found no deal-breaking issues or concerns. However, there could be some exciting new options out there that you are unaware of. And you will never know what you don’t know until you invest some time in exploring your opportunities. And one of the latest trends is switching from a whole house water heater to a point of use water heater.

What Is A Point Of Use Water Heater?

Most of us grew up in a house with a single larger water heater. That unit used a large holding tank to maintain a specific amount of hot water for use throughout the home. It was a simple system that usually met most of your needs unless you were the last one to shower and had little or no hot water left to enjoy.

A point of use water heater is a much smaller unit typically installed to provide hot water for only one room or a small part of the house. These units have no holding tank. Instead, they heat the water only when there is a demand for it. The water is heated as it flows through the water lines to the open faucet or shower, demanding hot water. Because of how these water heaters function, they are sometimes called on-demand water heaters or tankless water heaters.

The Benefits Of These Tiny Wonders

Having an independent source of hot water for each bathroom is ideal for a large family. It eliminates the issue of running out of hot water because these on-demand water heaters will continue to supply hot water indefinitely. As long as the water is flowing, it will continue to heat it for an endless supply of hot water. It also means that several showers or hot water faucets throughout the house can be in use simultaneously as each one has its own supply of hot water. With a traditional water heater, you would never dream of having three showers in use at the same time.

Another significant benefit to the point of use tankless water heater is the reduction in wasted water. How long did you typically run the hot water in your shower before it was warm enough to begin bathing? Most people will say that it took several minutes for the hot water to reach their shower. So there were many gallons of water wasted before every shower waiting to get some hot water. That issue is eliminated as the point of use water heater sits just a few feet away from the shower or faucet it is supplying with hot water.

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