How To Know When Your Water Heater’s Days Are Numbered

The thought of an unexpected cold shower is never appealing. But that is what you could be facing if you are not aware of the warning signs that indicate your water heater is nearing the end of its life. Typically, a water heater that gets descent care and service will last from a decade to about a decade and a half. So if your Montgomery  home’s water heater is older than 15, you are living on borrowed time. And even if the unit is less than ten years old, it is crucial to know the signs of an impending failure to avoid the discomfort of no hot water in your home.

Snap. Crackle, And Pop

If you hear odd popping and crackling sounds from your water heater, there is an issue brewing. But it is not what most people expect. Often, they call their plumber in a panic thinking the water heater is boiling water and about to explode. That is not the case. However, the issue is somewhat serious. There is sediment built up on the heating element, burning off and creating the popping and crackling sounds. While the water heater is not going to explore, that mineral build-up damages the heating element, which could fail soon if you do not drain and flush the tank. Hopefully, you have caught the issue in time to prevent a complete failure of the unit due to rust and damage to the holding tank.

What Peed On The Floor?

If you find small puddles that look like your water heater had an accident on the floor, there could be more issues to come. The cause of the puddle could be a leaking pipe or valve, damage to the wall of the tank, or seeping at a fitting. But unless the issue is located and corrected quickly, the dripping water is sure to create rust and corrosion on the holding tank that will mean the end of its life.

Cloudy Or Contaminated Hot Water

There are issues inside the holding tank if you notice fleck or contamination in your hot water or an odd metallic taste. In most cases, the specks signify that the inside of the water heater holding tank is eroding and distributing flakes of metal in your hot water. Once this occurs, there is no resolution other than to replace the entire water heater. But you need to act quickly to avoid a leak in the holding tank that could flood your home with dangerously hot water.

Cloudy water can be the first sign of a bacterial contaminant in the holding tank or the degradation of the tank wall. Your licensed plumber will be able to determine if a professional tank cleaning will eliminate the bacteria or if the tank is breaking down. Once a holding tank lining is ruined, the only safe solution is to replace the water heater.

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